Pink Punk
The next chapter to the Adam Devereaux + Co. Legacy is up over at chumchasims, the new home for the Devereaux family!

I've moved!
Suave Sargent
I wanted a new name since my Octarine Legacy died before it even began, so please head on over to chumchasims and friend me there! I'll be putting up the next chapter of Adam Deveraux + Co. over there within the next few days :)

Adam Devereaux & Co. 1.0
Adam Devereaux

He just wants to make everyone look prettyCollapse )

Custom Content
Groovy Mover
 Custom Content I have downloaded, for my own records really in case I have to reinstall this for the 20 batrillionth time. If I've used it on a Sim I will have it on their Download page. Remember to check for any terms + conditions of each of the places you download these from! x

Custom Content Galore!Collapse )

Pink Punk
 Amg long time no ANYTHING I know!

Well my computer kinda went cray cray and it wasn't supposed to be able to run Sims 3 anyway, let alone all the expansion packs I had and custom content ^_^

Anyway I got a laptop, and I'm currently installing the game + the EPs and finding new CC since it's all bookmarked on my other computer. SO. That means new legacy! Ack!

I'm slightly excited about it though :D And Sims from your games you would like to recommend to me to download and add in?
xx max

Octarine Legacy Chapters
Evil Boy For Liiiiife
The Octarine Legacy
before everything exploded 

1.1 ]
2.1 ][ 2.2 ]

Octarine Legacy 2.1 - Hoah Crap
Suave Sargent

Where we last left off, Sargent had married a girl named Blaise, who could put out fires with her mind it seemed. They got married and had a baby. Wanna know what it is? Read on!

And eviiiiiil was born!Collapse )

Pink Punk
woop new layout ^_^ I made a purdy header for Sarge too! It's narrower than my old one so I have to remember to change the width of my screenshots! What do you think? I don't think there's enough purple! hhaah.

The layout can be found here, the customisable layout generator is way too rad!

Octarine Legacy 1.1 - Sometimes I Don't Even
Suave Sargent

I wish I could give the world a make-overCollapse )

Pink Punk
So I found a no cd patch which means I AM PLAYING SIMS 3 AGAIN!


In the meantime, here's a screenshot I found from an earlier game of mine.

what a babe...


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