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I'm a Shark Fighter

I fight Sharks

Octarine Legacy
28 August
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Adam Devereaux & Co.
a Sims 3 Legacy

This journal was originally about the Octarine Family and the founder, dirt poor punk Sargent. He wants to grow up to be a Celebrity 5-star chef! Will he reach his goals? Or will the difficulties of finding a wife and raising children put his dreams on hold? Will he get more tacky tattoos? [oh I hope so!]

Unfortunately my computer went cray cray and my game was lost before his kids even got to hit their teenage years.

That's okay though, because now I'm starting a brand new legacy, using my brand new founder Adam Devereaux. Raised as a spoiled little rich kid, he was disowned whenhe was 18 and turfed out of his family home. Is he going to be responsible enough to make something of himself, will he find a girl and start a family or will he continue his party animal, drunken ways?

About Me!
<- That's me over there. My name is Max but my friends call me Adam West because I REALLY love Batman. I'm 26, married and am a mummy to a beautiful mess of a child. By that I mean he looks like an angel but is a complete psycho. When I'm not simming I'm sewing/DIYing and avoiding housework.

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